Recent works

The first United Ice Cream Assembly closes today

A  piece of fabricated news as a part of my new project. By making this it leads me to an exploration about screen reality, efficiency of information provided by news and personal will of political choices. 

A Crossing Plane

A pavement spectacle, a practice of video composition in After Effects.

Impossible Dream

Inter-cut of car commercials and my own composition of traffics. Audio are grabbed from a car commercial which uses The Impossible Dream by  Mitch Leigh & Joe Darion.

An unknown accident

 A fabricated witness of plane crash on Montrose Beach in Chicago. 

4-Minute-Finding-Mystery Tutorial

A tutorial of finding mystery by getting a quadrangle.


A Play on eye testing and Chinese “E” eye chart. I made a moving eyes chart by replacing rotated “E” in a classic Chinese eye chart , and then simulated an eye-testing-like scene.


Inspired by a perfect tree near the beach in uptown, Chicago. A video composition of lakeview and a Windows classic desktop, “Bliss”.