Hailing Liu (b.1997, Shenzhen, China) is a mixed-media artist and an experimental animator living in Chicago. They employ diverse media in in their art practice including 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, sculpture, physical and virtual installation, Augmented Reality and printing. 

In addition to time-based media, currently they are exploring writing, zine and graphic novel and experimenting with text-based expression in their new project. Focusing on social-political content and media representations in our contemporary life, Liu’s work explores the meanings behind cultural surfaces such as images, information and designs in our society. The expression of their work is always humorous, dark, absurd and ambiguous, with the structures that are in between reality and imagination. Recently, Liu has shifted their focus from media critique to social-political commentary on  phenomenons in Chinese society. In Liu’s recent practice, urban disease, family, village demolition under city’s construction and critique of Confucian patriarchy are subjects they are exploring. 


Email: liuhailing6h0@gmail.com