Liu Hailing (b.1997, Shenzhen, China) is a mixed-media artist mainly working on digital moving images and installation.By compositing and animating both moving images gathered online and those made by themselves, their work explores the changing meanings of the images as media representations and cultural surfaces in humorous, dark and absurd ways.

Artist statement

I am a visual artist, an experimental filmmaker and an animator. I am now mainly working on 3d animation, synthesized digital images and mixed-media installation. My practice also includes drawing, sculpture, scent, Augmented Reality and printing.

Born and living in China most of my lifetime, I make work as  social commentaries on the rapid and chaotic changes of Chinese society today, especially the on-going city modernization which creates lots of collisions between tradition and modernity, social expectation and self-identity. In addition to that, I am also exploring the topic about digital media representations and cultural surfaces in our daily life, critiquing their constructed meanings by appropriating, imitating their situational patterns and then manipulate them. Based on my interest in studying digital media, I make work in different digital medium myself to develop a variety of understanding to it. In my work, I hybrid image appropriation, live action shooting, 3d animation and any other strategy of producing moving images. The structures of a lot of my recent works are abstract, and the tones are humorous, absurd, entertaining and ambiguous. Through creating ambiguities in my work, I challenge normative meanings from the cultural surfaces constructed by virtual images. My art practice is a way of investigating digital media and its information transformation which impacts our way of receiving and making sense of information.