Ice Cream Discourse

Video+Scent installation

Two HD monitors, clock, essential oils, resin, ice cream cones, mic stands, raspberry PI

Left monitor: A loop screening of The first United Ice Cream Assembly Closes today 

Right monitor: ABC live streaming news source from Youtube


A mixed-media installation project developed based on my video work, ” The first United Ice Cream Assembly closes today ”.

I combined static video, live streaming news, found-object-based sculpture and scent together to enrich the context of the alternate world in “The first United Ice Cream Assembly closes today ”. In this project, a sugary scent oil was sprayed on several artificial ice cream installed on microphone stands. The static video and the news live streaming will play together. The former is set to a higher volume, but audiences could hear the sound from the live streaming more clearly when the static video goes to a 30 seconds silent transition before the next loop.

The project intends to explore media representations, relationship between our daily life and the media, and how incidents are transformed into information by the media.


Special thanks to:

Frederic Moffet, Christopher Baker, Tedd Neenan,  Xuan Xi Ge, Cecilia Hua, Kio Zhu, Jia Qi Li, Qian Wen Yu, Peixuan Ouyang

2021 / Open Studio Night curated show: (Dis)locate / 280 Building Basespace, Chicago, US

2021 / SAIC MFA Graduate Thesis show / SAIC Washington Gallery, Chicago, US