Ice Cream Discourse

Video+Scent installation

Two HD monitors, clock, essential oils, resin, ice cream cones, mic stands, raspberry PI

Left monitor: A loop screening of The first United Ice Cream Assembly Closes today 

Right monitor: ABC live streaming news source from Youtube


Ice Cream Discourse is a mixed-media installation. This project developed from artist’s  experimental video work, The first United Ice Cream Assembly closes today, which was completed during the pre-pandemic in 2020. In an enclosed space, the immersive installation invites audience to multi-sensory experience: the visuals, the acoustics, and the olfactories. Artist combined static video, live streaming news, found-object-based sculptures and scent together to enrich the context of the imaginary ice cream world. The static video and the news live streaming plays together. The former is set to a higher volume, but audiences could hear the sound from the live streaming more clearly when the static video goes to a 30 seconds silent transition before the next loop.

The interactive space-time experience blurs the boundary between reality and virtuality, creating a fictional narrative which explores the distance between real life and media representations, and our insecurity and lost of control during pandemic crisis and social-political unrest.


Special thanks to:

Frederic Moffet, Christopher Baker, Tedd Neenan,  Xuan Xi Ge, Cecilia Hua, Kio Zhu, Jia Qi Li, Qian Wen Yu, Peixuan Ouyang

2021 / Open Studio Night curated show: (Dis)locate / 280 Building Basespace, Chicago, US

2021 / SAIC MFA Graduate Thesis show / SAIC Washington Gallery, Chicago, US