The first United Ice Cream Assembly Closes today 

HD Video, 02:57, 1920 x 1080, 2020-2021

The first United Ice Cream closes today is a piece of fabricated news combining found footages and composited images about a fictional ice cream world. According to the news, a formal ice cream organization, United Ice Cream, addressed the first assembly to declare its mission of maintaining peace in this world. By using news format as a narrative framework, this video work explores media representations, the relationship between personal will and political propaganda, and how incidents are transformed into information by the media.

2021 / EXTV Festival 2021/ Maclean Center, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US

2021 / Supernova Digital Animation Festival – ReGeneration 2021 / Denver, Colorado, US

2021 / Burnt Video Art and Experimental Film Festival 2021 / Montreal, Canada

2021 / My Dream These Days /Online Program

2021 / Is It A Good Time? / Mana Contemporary,  Online Program, US

2021 / MAKING IT / SAIC Wellness Center,Online Program, US