The rooms in the ruin is a virtual installation and VR project working in progress. The final production will allow viewers to explore and interact with the 3d landscape. Presented 3D-rendered images depict a few women's perplexities in their rural home lives. Inspired by their rural hometown which is under rapid modernization changes from the city, I created the 3D scenes depicting three different people and their statuses living in a small town: a youth who wanted to leave the village, the elderly who endured her pain and illness until her last moment, and the one who suffered from emptiness, depression, and isolation as a housewife. From 2007 to now, most of the old buildings in the artist's hometown have been demolished, and the lands have been taken from the villagers to the local government for city development. As a small village with old traditions, it has been isolated from the big city for a long time,  and was finally forced to be reconstructed to fit into City view. Through building up 3D landscapes and making digital images, the artist intends to explore the memories, grief, and emotions of women who live in traditional family life embedded with patriarchy, and their relationship with the collisions between old tradition and modernization in the current society.
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